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Mine had 97k miles before I sold it without any issues, but I didn't go FBO 2+ until about 95k miles. I'm still in touch with the new owner and he's still having a blast with it without issues. The worst I've had is a cylinder misfire because of the tune and having to adjust driving habits.

N52 is great, but so stale for a daily honestly. I've had an e90 and e92 328i in the past and I always craved more power. So I switched over to the dark side.
But you sold your N54 for another NA? My N52 was buttery smooth and never had a single issue. I love the tight steering of the E9x gen. Only other option is an E9x M3 like you, except I don't want to deal with inflated prices that come with M3s and M3 parts. N52 is an amazing daily and I don't really need the power. I never fully "used" my Stage 2+ N55 because it was a daily... waste of money and time, in my opinion.
Bingo! I was also on the hunt for an lci e90 m sport manual 328i

I found out that there were only like 307 imported to the us and I'm guessing that number leaves like 50 potential cars that are right spec and mileage

They are the perfect balance of reliability and feed back, sure they aren't fast but the only other option is the m3 and I'm not paying those prices at the moment

Plus more fun to drive a slow car fast!

I may end up just picking up a 328i with black interior and xenon's and going a full m sport conversion and manual swap as a daily!

Then continue to hunt down my dream e90 328
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