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Originally Posted by CEA 3 View Post
i wasnt on race gas til we were almost to fomoso...and on 91 is when i was 1.25 cars ahead of you, and with race gas it was even worse.... and when you put race gas in on the way home is when my car started throwing CEL and went into Limp mode... a couple times, but yes your car hung with me a little bit better then.

I will say that out of all the 335's that i ran with your auto was probably one of the quickest ones and held its own. it was one of those gifted motors i guess, and sad you got rid of it, but your new one should be awesome as well...

I'm going to break my coupe in hard.
I broke my sedan in "moderate"...basically drove it like the manual stated I should, but with the occasional 5-6K run and even redline a couple times.
I did a lot of mixed driving breaking in the sedan too.

But, with the coupe, I figure, I've never broke a car in hard, so I'm going to keep the revs up on that car quite a bit more for the first several hundred miles, and even do a couple triple digit (110-120 mph) freeway blasts when the time is right and wide open.
I'm also going to do some canyon runs varying the engine loads quite a bit.

So we'll see what comes of that.

Personally, even if my coupe doesnt' run quite as strong as my sedan, it won't matter. What's a couple hp between cars anyway.

I can't wait till fall when the weather gets cooler, I know we will all be doing quite a bit of meet ups by then.
It'll be fun.