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Originally Posted by scheherazade View Post
I hear this sentiment a lot.
And I can sympathize with it...

- Didn't end the wars (and said he would end them)
- Didn't close Guantanamo [and continued extraordinary rendition] (and he said he would close/end it)
- Has taken more whistle blowers to court than all presidents before him combined (under Espionage Act)
- The impressed labor executive order ( Which happens to relate to why this nation was even formed (
- The "Due Process is not Judicial process" policy.

Stuff like this was the wet dream of "national security above all" Republicans a few decades ago... but even they would have been wary of taking it that far.
It smacks of "Only Nixon could go to China".
Like everyone expects nationalist behavior from Republicans, so people are watching Republicans closely for that kind of behavior, but a Democrat could pull it off while everyone is in denial.

The guy ran on peace and openness, and he's done the opposite.
If he were selling a product, people would be charging him with fraud.

And sadly, Romney is golf buddies with the people that ran the low end of the economy into the dirt.
I say low end, because for big business, unemployment and downward wage pressure has reduced labor costs in excess of their losses in demand. Basically, big business is making $$$$ today.
People need to remember that "what's good for business" is "employees that work for as close to free as possible".
"Asking for good jobs" is "asking businesses to give up profits to fill salaries".
If you're interested in helping the majority of the U.S. population, then you're interest is not in "what's good for business", it's in "what's good for the employee".
If you're selling consumer goods/services, then really the focus should be on improving employees, as they will be your demand.
I don't see Romney as a "good for employees" candidate. And he doesn't claim to be either... so whatever.

(Note : FYI, I don't support either of the major parties.)

your opinion is exactly what I've come in contact with most people who voted for obama the first time but either dont care this election or just don't talk about it. I dont get the people still die hard supporting him. Just doesn't make sense. Romney isn't amazing, but come on