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Don't Underestimate Endlinks when Lowering

So I've been playing around with the front sway for a few weeks now. Luckily a nice function of the asts is adjustable endlink collars. I've been lowered for about 2 years now but still on stock endlinks.

The car felt solid but had a little more front sway then I expected along with harshness in the front. So I really dialed in the links today to make sure there was almost zero preload on the front sway.

Let me tell you the difference is night and day in the drive. Its so much smoother on bumps and just across the board. Also, there is much less sway in the front with the newer bushings, the old ones were pretty bad.

So if you're lowered, take some time and look at your front endlinks, for under $100 it was worth every penny.