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Originally Posted by Nonecure View Post
This sounds like the problem I am experiencing. I just put Eibach springs on my car and it feels like it wants to bounce over a bump. At first I thought the Bilstein struts did not have enough dampening on the rebound. Is this what you experienced? Do you have any pics of the install and/or a part number for the end links?
I just used the Meyle HD endlinks but I have adjustable endlink collars on the asts. If I didn't have that option the links would have been at least 2-3 inches too short for as much as I'm dropped.

Since I'm unsure where the Bilstein endlink point is I can't be much help telling you how long of an endlink you'd need. But honestly, if you're using stock endlinks like I was for almost 2 years, you are doing yourself a disservice by not getting this problem updated with how nice the car feels now. In essence I was using the sway to eat up bumps by preloading instead of the spring rate I chose.

As for the adjustable endlinks I'm unsure how they fix on hte xi, you may have to go custom length.