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Originally Posted by ajsalida View Post
Well don't quit your day job, but yeah that is exactly what I was thinking. I need to get under my car later this week I will give it a try. I am only on Koni/Eibachs though so maybe 1.5" drop. How low is your front end over stock? I can see this would be an issue if you were like 3" lower.

The motion ratio if you work it back to the sway bar end is maybe (guessing) half the drop. Meaning the amount the bar end moved down is maybe half the drop of the car @ the wheel well due to the fact that the bar end and strut mounting point is well inboard of the tire.

Anyway I am glad you brought this up. I released the binding on all the other major suspension bushings when I installed the Konis and that made a big difference. But I forgot the sway bars! Doh.
Not sure how much you'll gain by the rotation, if you gained half the drop that'd be pretty good. Because as you rotate, the bar hole on the sway will start moving towards the front of the car so there will be an ideal point to gain the most distance before you start losing the ground you gained.

As for me, I'm 13.5 inches from hub center to wheel well or about 1.5 fingers all around which I guess is pretty low.