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Originally Posted by rtjones View Post
Great thread, picus, and lots of helpful information. Thank you for this.

Re: using the Zaino Z9 and Z10, it seems the Z9 is a cleaner, where the Z10 is a conditioner. It makes sense to use both during initial detail, but thereafter, unless you spill something on one of the seats, do you always use preface the Z10 with the Z9? Or is the Z10 alone sufficient?

If you spill you want to clean, not condition. You can use the cleaner as much as you like, but you should really only condition once every 2-3 months. I'd preface the conditioner with the cleaner.

Originally Posted by rtjones View Post
Picus, you suggest the full detail only once yearly? That would be great, if so. I had planned on twice yearly, but now understand 9 months is fine, and you seem to suggest 12 months?

EDIT: Also, how necessary is it really to clean the leather of a new car? In other words, is the Z10 alone sufficient, or do you really find the Z9 (cleaner) is necessary? Thanks.
Here is how I maintain my car throughout the year:

April-ish: wash, clay, very light polish, sealant
April-October, wash.
late october/nov: re-seal
April: repeat.

You can just condition the leather on the new car.

Originally Posted by rtjones View Post
I spoke to my salesman today, asking about allocation. I'm number 15 on the "waiting list". Before we hung up, I told him I want to be certain my car is not "detailed" before I pick it up. His first response was "We can't do that. It is our policy to detail the car". Long story short, he basically said in 30 years of business, I am the first person to request this. What?? In 30 years?? It seems to be a pretty common request, reading these forums. But then again, we're a niche group of folks!
Hah, well... there's a first time for everything.