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Originally Posted by skim7x View Post
I've heard some BMW dealerships have a cheaper price, but they don't use walnut shell blasting... they use chemicals to clean the valves and tell you that some vehicles may require multiple cycles of this treatment... so you might end up paying more than you expect. I actually called a few different independent shops and none of them were more affordable than VAC Motorsports... so I am a little skeptical if you tell me that your dealership will do the same work for cheaper. I've been wrong before, though

To be clear, I do not have any significant financial interest or other relationship with VAC Motorsports. That being said, IMHO, even if another shop / dealership offers this same service for $400, I'd still go to VAC, and that's my honest opinion based on my own personal experience.
I agree you get what you pay for.... It was a quote for walnut shell blasting and was for $500. Where vac is i can see dealers charging 600+ for that but in reality your talking 4 hours of labor=????