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Originally Posted by divisionbell77
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Thanks Gary. While Cleveland has the potential to get a lot of snow, the roads are cleared fairly well so it's rare that I would be driving in deep snow. I'm leaning towards the Pirelli's for the better dry road handling but still not sure.
What did you use with that 2009? Trying to decide on what I want. Did you use a local place to switch? Do they store sets in the off season? The BMW dealers up here all told me unless I get the tires from them, they will not store them.

You get this, yet? Someone with a 2013 335i xdrive sedan parked 2 spots away from me(black 2011 335 e92) in the outskirts of the Giant Eagle parking lot in Legacy the other day.
Wasn't me. Mine is still in Germany waiting to catch a ride across the Atlantic unfortunately.

I didn't use snows on my 2009. I was in Pittsburgh most of that time and did ok on all seasons. I figure with snows this time I'll be safer (have a 3 yr old) in Cleveland and will hopefully save treads on the all seasons so I can get through the lease without new ones.

I called BMW Cleveland and they will sell BMW wheels + Pirelli run flat winters installed with storage of all seasons for ~2180. Certainly more than tirerack but also convenient. Not sure what ill do yet.
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