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dxb335d have i missed something Stevie A?

Helen do you give ''Good Head''....? if so, i really do require your services!!

dxb335d Quote:
Never EVER had a decent blow job in my life .
I almost did with a girl i cheated on my ex with xmas time 02, but i told her no at the last knockings, severely regret it as i know it would have been awesome
Originally Posted by beemerbird
Carlos! are you sure you're not a Yorkshire man with that very direct approach? Geezz - put it this way, one mans' meat is another mans' poison. Never had any complaints. Nuff said!
Nah nor Yorkshireness in me, just puddings..(yorskhire ones)
Dont get the meat/poison thing.
Good grief!!!

If there are levels of wrongness in posts and 10 is the worst it can get,that is wrong on all 10!

Carlos,I do hope your girlfriend never reads the forum,sheesh,breathtaking.


Never argue with an idiot on the internet. He will drag you down to his level and beat you with experience.