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Originally Posted by Never-Enough View Post
You're leasing an $80k car. You clearly have mroe $ than you need so the payment is not an issue for you.

Apples to oranges, man.

Now my credit is bad? Ok LOL
It's not really apples to oranges. A lease is a lease, if you have the money to put down to make your payments to a level you are comfortable with, then you can just stick that money in an account and use it to make part of your payments. That way if you total your car, you still have that cash to do it again.
Multiple security deposits are a good way to lower your overall costs, but that money is still tied up for the lease period.
As far as your credit goes, if it is good, they will not require you to put any money down.
I've done this a bunch of times and am just starting to really understand some of the nuances of leasing.