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Originally Posted by IN54NITY View Post
Still have my '09 e92.

107,570 miles. Only drove it about 300 miles this year with Covid...

Still pulls hard.

In the 11 years since I bought it new from (now gone) Murray Motors in Denver:

Oil changes every 4k or so (sometimes more frequent)
HPFP @5k - warranty
Used Brembo BBK @ ~10k
Numerous brake fluid flush/bleed/replacements
New spark plugs every 10k or so

40k miles
Battery replacement
02 sensors replacement
1 walnut blast @ ~ 42k (oil catch install at that time too --> really helps, checked @85k, need to check again)

Between 50k and 60k miles
Fuel Injectors
VC (cracked) and gasket replaced
Alternator replacement (twice, but because original replacement also went bad )
Oil filter housing gasket replacement (same time as alternator, 'cause the alternator is a PIA, and helps to remove oil filter housing)
Trans & front/rear diff and TC fluid replacement (need to do again)
Right front half-shaft (CV joint) replacement

80k miles
Water Pump & thermostat replacement

Car has been trouble free since the water pump.

To do:
Front hub replacement
Possible left front half shaft replacement
Diff & Transmission fluid replacement
Possible walnut blast

Still like this car and enjoy working on it, even though engine bay makes if feel like you are working on a 10# of s#!t in a 5# bag.

If you need any help. Im local