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Help E92 Snap in + Baseplate connection

This has probably been covered before but I have trouble finding any meaningful information anywhere.
I've got an 08 328i which i retrofitted years ago with a CIC from a 2012 E90. My options were limited back then and I was thrilled just to get my iPod to play with album pictures etc.
Recently I was able to add more functionality and I not have the pandora and spotify setup, but also satellite radio. I basically had all the possible options coded in. I also got a base plate and snapin adapter, along with an iphone 5s.
I have those connected but I have no power whatsoever to the the baseplate/snapin.
I traced the wires from the baseplate connector to the original TCU connector in the trunk. Unfortunately the wiring harness that I got doesn't connect those pin outs to the combox.
My car only came with a TCU, no MULF.
I'm looking for a wiring diagram on how/where to connect the baseplate so it functions as required.