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Thanks for the info. I'll check on the battery and amp for sure.

I never get static, it just goes off and on suddenly. Screen goes blank but buttons are still illuminated.

Originally Posted by ctuna View Post
Could be your battery is low and IBS system is turning stuff
off.(like the stereo)
Battery problems are aggravated by cold.
I would try putting a long slow charge on your battery to
see if it solves some of the problem's before doing anything

Read the first electrical pdf about IBS

electical e90 pdf,d.cGU&cad=rja,d.cGU,d.cGU

Also if I would check your amp to see its not wet.
Amp's going out due to leaks are a common problem in these.
Symtoms are Head Unit appear to function but sound is gone
or Staticy at first before it dies altogether.

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