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David, don't know why i cant find PC at CT (Mississaiga/ Toronto area). Any other retailers that u know of? Also in winter when using the no-touch car washes, whar do u think of the water spray waxes especially in u are using Zaino system? Advice is appreciated. Thanks.
I've seen it at a couple of CT's in my area. With that said you can also buy it online from Great company to deal with.

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This Is Amazing, Thank You So Much!
Glad you like it.

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What about when you wash them? Do you wash them separately too?
I don't only because I don't have enough towels. I wash them all together in extra hot water in the extended cycle just to get them nice and clean.

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Hello, have a gash/ scratch now area is dull on gloss black grill? Any ideas to renew?
That I am not sure about. Sorry.

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DavidN - Great writeup!

Do you treat painted plastic (bumpers) the same as the rest of the car? I seem to remember (long, long ago) that certain products recommended not applying them to plastic parts of the exterior...

If the bumper is painted with the same paint as the rest of the panels on the car, then feel free to wash, clay, polish, and seal as you would the rest of the car.