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love the 'GT ROAD'....bruuuaaah!

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Originally Posted by AlwynMike View Post
For me, the difference dynamically would not be worth it, but cosmetically, maybe. Long term, you'll lose less on the pre-LCi as they cost less to start with.
If it's had a full BMW history, it will have had the vortex breather changed at the air filter service, probably when it was about 4 years old. The only sure way to find out is to have a look, which would take about half an hour if you've not done it before.
Swirl flaps - ask. Depending on how it's been done, it can be quite difficult to see, even with the engine cover removed, with a boroscope or mirror/light. If the flaps have been removed, and the shaft hole plugged (that's how I did mine), it will be very difficult unless you know what to look for. If the flap housing has been removed and plugged, then you see a (roughly) 1" diameter plug under the manifold.

If you've experienced a 1 or a 3 on RFT's, stand by to be shocked at a 5er on RFT's, even more so on 18's.

Other 5er issues will have been sorted by now (steering column creaks, weak starter's) as they tended to crop up within warranty. PDC faults are commonplace, usually the sensor, but sometimes the PDC unit in the boot.

At this age, it may well be on the original battery.

It's rare, but some have fold down rear seats (a 75 option IIRC) which can be a great help at times. The boot floor is reversible for either carpet or rubber. There should be a small hook to hold up the boot floor - it clips on to the front edge of the boot when it's open.

It's easy to fit a switch to open the boot from the drivers seat - ideal when picking kids up from school when it's raining - they put their own bags in the boot!

5er iDrives have countdowns to replacement of the DPF - worth checking as they should be done at 120k according to BMW

Ta for the advice Mike - much appreciated.

Re LCI vs pre.LCI - the cosmetics dont jump out to me as much as they did with the pre & post facelift e46/e90, so not overly bothered on that front tbh.

I'll continue with my search...unless you fancy selling yours?!

Cheers again!!