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Originally Posted by NemesisX View Post
Correct me if I'm wrong but your post sounded a little defensive to me. I was under the impression that you made it common knowledge that you had the IS350 while your dad had the M3 (although obviously you've driven it plenty of times).

I was just assuming your dad switched from the M3 to to the Cayman S because you still list your IS350. I mean if he bought it for you that's cool also. How do you like the Cayman S over the M3?

I don't care who owns it. I just wanted an honest assessment of what you or your dad thought about the Cayman S over the M3 (better driving experience? Does the M3 excel at anything that the cayman S doesn't excel in? Things like that).
Lets not play dumb, you were trying to get my panties all bunched up via the Internet lol. Is350 is my DD, M3 was a weekend toy. Driving a loud sports car is a bit ostentatious when going to hospitals, hence the Lexus. My dad has no interest in sports cars (he bought a 100k Toyota, Lexus LX570 last week if you're curious). I have never even mentioned my father being interested in any car on the forums but whatever. Haters gonna hate. Obviously since you've been following my threads you know I'm picking up my porsche Saturday and I really can't give an honest review until I put at least ~1000 miles on it. Watch for my thread on m3post if you're interested.

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Nice SL pics OP!
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