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Well I've fitted them. I came that close to giving up before my knuckles were ripped off and fell in my engine bay. I looked at the bulb, looked at the space in the headlight, and then looked at the bulb again.... and shook my head.

Anyway, they went in eventually. A little tip for anyone about to fit them... Attach the resistor pack to the bulb first and leave it hanging over the outside of your headlight just in case you drop the bulb into hell (the inside your headlight) and then you can pull it back into the world again.

I stuffed the resistors into the headlight too and left them to rattle around in there. Probably not my finest moment, but I was tired, wet from the rain, and in a rush to turn my headlights on to see what the deal was. Which leads me nicely on to......

I switched my lights on and... the lights came on. First tick.

Checked my dash for warning lights... no warning lights. Tick two.

Went back to the front of my car to make sure the lights were still on... the lights were still on. Tick three.

Three ticks... I was happy.

Went for a quick drive. Stopped, got out of the car, tried to make it look like I genuine needed to walk a few meters away from my car so I could walk back towards it and admire my work. It was raining so that spoilt the view a bit.

All in all I'm happy. Just want to see what they look like in daylight. One thing I have noticed though.... they are so white that they make my xenons look, dare I say it.... Yellow.
I'm still trying to work out if I'd be more p*ssed off having yellow angels eyes with white xenons... or white angel eyes with yellow xenons. But hopefully normal people (who won't do as I've been doing for the past 20 minutes and act like a moth by hanging around my headlights and staring directly into them) won't notice the slightly yellow or 'not as white' tint to my xenons.

I can tell I'm going to develop an OCD over these lights. I'm already thinking about going back out there to switch them back on to make sure they still work and are still as white as they were half an hour ago.

Nah, I won't.
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