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I took care of quite a few maintenance items across both cars this weekend. Crossed 121k with the Sparkling Graphite automatic and approaching 67k with the Black Sapphire 6MT.

First up, Sparkling Graphite -

The driver's mirror motor sized up. Rather than replacing, I swapped in a pair of high gloss LCI mirrors. Felt like I couldn't see much in this car with my constant flipping back and forth driving the two. I used paint scratch for the caps, the match was pretty close, just a touch darker on the mirrors vs. the rest of the car.

LMB was a good look for a minute :P

I also took care of the power steering reservoir. Threw on a couple of new clamps, the hoses were replaced in 2018 so I left those alone. The fluid was gross so I'm in the midst of the turkey baster method to achieve a fluid swap. Steering on this car felt fairly muddy before and the new fluid has helped quite a bit. In the midst of an engine bay spray down here -

Next patient!

Did the annual oil service for the Black Sapphire 6MT.

Also picked up a trunk mat from the BMW parts catalog. I have a WeatherTech in the Sparking Graphite and it fits better than the BMW part! Oh well.

Finally, a couple of final shots of the roof rack before I pull it off for the Spring. I don't use them but feel obligated to at least throw them on the car a few months each year.

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