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Originally Posted by ELITE_TRAYUNZE
Originally Posted by bombococo View Post
Thanks all for your responses...I think I have a game plan..first get it repaired and save the receipt, and then go after my condo board...

question - unfortunatly i had to drive the car in the rain for about 1 hr...will this cause my hood to rust later on in the future??
What a horrible game plan........and the garage door just decided to come down eh? lol....right....
I agree with this. Don't assume the condo board will voluntarily pay for it once its fixed. They may not agree with the cost and you may be left out of cash. Also, don't presume they will give you access to the security video. That is their property and they don't have to give it to you unless you get a court order.
Advise the condo corp of the mishap. Come to an agreement. Then get the car fixed. And keep it out of the rain. The condo corp does not have to fix any damage that occurs because of your negligence.
Hope this helps.