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If this is the issue I would try using shielding and see if that knocks now the RF output. There are two frequencies that BMW uses for the TPMS so it could be that or a harmonic there in. Initial freq was 315MHz and in I believe 2010 BMW changed to a new freq which I don't recall what that is. Found it 433MHz.
It would be easy to test. Typically tinfold that your wife or gf has wrapped around the power lines from the transformer to the lights can be done (yeah it looks like hell but remember this is just a test) to include the gnd. Some experiementation is in order but if that corrects the issue then you can decide if you want to wrap a proper shield around the issue areas which hopefully will knock the output down of the AE's allowing the TPMS to not be overpowered...
Just a suggestion. It would seem like something the manufacturer should consider doing since it doesn't add a great deal to the cost...

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