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Originally Posted by Zebra99 View Post
Whether or not they need to "prove" anything it'll be a huge headache for you. Might as well avoid the whole situation by going in stock if you have to.

I would never do work at the stealership unless its warranty covered work. They're are plenty of better qualified Indy shops out there.

DP's are fun as hell, but a bitch to install/remove if you're not set-up properly at home. The exhaust gasket is also only reusable a few times - it's not invincible so eventually of you've done enough swaps I'd replace it. Otherwise, enjoy the car dude!

And stop going to the stealership lol!
thank you for your prompt replies. i'm still under CPO warranty so the stealership isnt a stealership for about another 2 years lol. the turbo warranty was extended to like 82,000 miles or something so i would have to wait a very long time before getting the downpipes

i also get a free oil change every 7,500 miles. because i do my own at 7,500 miles then when it hits 15,000 miles the dealer does the free one. HOW THE F DO SO MANY OF YOU GUYS HAVE DOWNPIPES? LOL