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Yeah, as far as the antenna goes, I originally opted not to buy the OEM antenna because people warned me how big a pain it is to run the cable to that spot. In actuality, I ran the mic wire that way anyway, so it wouldn't have been a big deal at all.

What I DID do is buy these guys:


SMB->RP-SMA cable:

SMB M to F extension:

If I were to do it again (Well, I will on gjimmy's car), that extension gets you about from the MULF to the run of wiring harness under the carpet next to the driver. That's where I'd ideally mount the antenna (I'll take some pictures of his car when I do it).

What I ended up doing on MY car is mounting the antenna vertically in the wiring conduit behind the passenger side seat bolster. The coverage isn't theoretically as ideal, but it works well enough. Frankly, if you were REALLY cheap and REALLY lazy, any antenna at all (so just that rubber duck antenna and the adapter cable) is probably sufficient. Ideally, you have the broad side of the antenna facing the driver (or, generally, where you expect the phone to be).