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Yeah, I'm torn. I really do enjoy the car but I don't have very good luck and I just have this bad feeling that something major will go wrong and I don't want the hassle.

No basis for my feeling... the car runs great. The only thing that concerns me is having to do the gaskets. I would just buy them (like $25) and do the work myself. It'll kill an entire weekend I'm sure, but I do enjoy working on my vehicles. I won't even know how serious (if at all serious) the leak (really a slight seepage) is until this weekend after a week of driving on the fresh oil change. I"ll get back under her and check it out.

Either way, even if I had to replace the gaskets, that's not really a huge concern, just some of my time.

I'm more worried about something major... like the engine.

Who knows... just debating it. I normally only keep cars a few years as well, so maybe that's my issue as well, just getting my "car refresh" itch.

I honestly don't have any other cars in mind... this was my first BMW and I would definitely not be opposed to another. I'm not a big fan of buying new due to the hit you take... but definitely would have to be under warranty when first purchased so I can get it fully inspected and everything fixed right off the bat. (no matter what car it would be).

Anyways, it's always nice to hear folks pushing past 200k miles. Glad to see some input from other folks.

Always interested to hear what folks think about their high mileage cars.