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Originally Posted by HondaGoneRogue View Post
Originally Posted by ducati955 View Post
im sure u can get shreeded on p90x whatever, but i just did a vid of me doing 130 lb dumbells, thats yrs of lifting in my book, sep when not taking juice and being "light weight"

(ps, i dont want to sound like an ass, but this p90 x thing is another late trend, and all these out of shape people are doing it... listen, workout eat right and do it yr round for the most part... its as simple as that, no trix)
Honda what are the haha's for.

Anyhow so you are admitting that your workout and p90x both work how they are intended to. Albeit what you do is to gain mass while p90x is to reduce fat. Did you or Honda think that i meant p90x would get you into bodybuilding shape?

I feel that you think it is a trick or trend because you know what you are doing. Of course it seems that way when it is being sold on an infomercial, but some of us just want to add another routine to our schedule. I believe that i will be going for maximum everything on my next routine.