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Glass's Online - Pricing scam??

I don't know if I being paranoid but...

I always used to have access to the trade Glass's price guide - basically the used car bible - via the father in law who was in the trade, he's retired now though.

Now I use the online service and pay for proper price quotes with mileage / options etc.

So in the last fortnight I've done about a dozen quotes online, our current cars, private sale cars and cars from small traders, I always tick the 'just curious' box rather than say I'm buying or selling.

But get this, two of the cars I priced have been for sale at franchised Mini dealers, the Glass's given 'dealer' prices have been about 3-5 grand over the actual dealer price.

THEN within a day or two of each mini quote I get a phone call from Glass's asking me how I got on with the mini quote, am I buying or selling? I say buying, they say well is the car advertised for their price and I say "no actually its 3/4/5 grand cheaper than your price"

Get this, they then tell basically tell me "wow what an amazing price" "you'd better get in their before it's gone, it won't last long".

This happened twice on separate days after each mini quote.

Is that for real? Or are they scamming us all by colaborating with paying vendors (dealers) and cross referencing valuations by reg numbers and giving false prices????
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