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Originally Posted by dxb335d View Post
I know mate i drove one, it has LAUNCH CONTROL THO.

only a SLIGHT advantage

The 335d can be launched by any muppet, but it still AINT A QUICK LAUNCHING CAR.

1st is a pile of piss and it can only really be launched at 1500-1700k

So therefore IS disadvantaged to the CSL on a standign start

In gear. 40-150 the remapped 335d will beat it.
Carlos .. your biggest problem launching the 335d is not the short first gear. It's more an issue of controlling the very high torque levels.

If you do a hard start, (i.e. foot on the brake, hold revs at peak torque, release brake and accelerate in one movement) your torque converter is locked up from the off, which reduces the initial problem of pulling away in an auto.

The issue is that because of the gearing the level of torque in 1st gear is REALLY high, so if you have DSC off you will wheelspin and if you have it on the engine will bog down.

When I first did a hard start in my auto 530d I had dsc off and the car literally didn't move. The wheels just span stationary all the way up to 30mph and this was on 275/30/19 tyres