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Originally Posted by GreenThree View Post
No. The GPS you will not be able to hear over the speakers.

I recently got a Magellan 4250. (bluetooth works great BTW) But even if you plug the cable into the AUX, I did NOT hear it over the speakers.

(I Dont have BMW bluetooth option)

OP: If you have BMW bluetooth, why are you looking to get a GPS with bluetooth???
There is something wrong with yours or that model doesn't support AUX out then. I have a portable GPS and when I plug it into the AUX inpout (and turn the car stereo to the AUX input and make sure the volume on the GPS is not muted) it does play through the speakers.
That is the point of the GPS having an AUX output.
I play MP3s on the GPS and the music is paused when the GPS speaks.

90% of the time I just use the GPS's speaker instead so there isn't the hassle of plugging in the cable and so I can listen to live radio.
You have to make sure you get a GPS with a speakers loud enough to be heard over road noise and the radio then. I don't have any problem hearing my C580 while listening to the radio at the same time.