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Originally Posted by chaz58 View Post
The AWD cars sit 30mm higher than the sports suspension, or 15mm higher than the standard suspension. As stated. there is no sport or M suspension for the AWD cars.

If you are worried about winter, you are making a good choice with snow tires.

For your question, sure I’ve gotten stuck, but I had to try pretty hard!

In my experience, with snow tires the car is like a little snowmobile. It WILL get stuck if you compact (compress) enough snow under your car that there is no weight on the wheels. Also, deep snow can be hard on the plastic parts under the car (front bumper, plastic cover under the engine bay. With snow tires and AWD, you are going to have to get it buried pretty deep to get it stuck.

I’ve parked in fresh snow around 12” deep, and had people offer to help me get unstuck. I just smiled and said I was not stuck. :-)

+1 I completely agree! I've actually made it out on certain snowy days just to drive around the neighbourhood and show-up the 2WD cars that are stuck all over the place and have some fun on the yet to be plowed roads. It's also nice to be able to use the front wheels to pull through a turn.

I have a steep driveway and there were times when I came to a complete stop in several inches of untouched snow while waiting for the garage door to open, a casual press of the gas pedal and the car would continue on it's way up and in.

Over the past 3 winters I have never EVER managed to get my xi with snow tires stuck. I will definitely need new tires for this coming winter though, and I'm thinking of going studless ice & snow vs performance winter, it would be nice to have the extra ice traction.
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