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Originally Posted by runrider View Post
Isnt that the dealership that sold a lemon mercedes to the old farmer guy, refused to help him, and than found out that he owned the land directly across the street so he put a big sign out "They Sold Me a Lemon" for like 10 years? He used to sit on top of the car and wave to all the cars on RT13 that would honk for him.

I wonder if they are any more honest nowdays?......
Last I heard he died He bought an old VW Bug and parked it on top of the mercedes for awhile. I think he eventually pulled a trailer/RV out there and lived next to the car so he could wave to everyone shopping and driving by.

OP, please consider how often you're posting. I don't want people thinking negatively of poor Delaware.

Also, you someone at the dealership should have come out and payed some respect to the youngin' out looking at M3s a few months ago . Too late now!
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