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Here are some facts to consider before you decide the future of this country tomorrow:

1) CBS finally comes clean and releases interview video snippet that clearly shows the President did lie about calling it an outright terrorist attack and Candy Crowley was WRONG and should have kept out of it in that debate.

2) How can our people in the field trust this commander in chief? Why won't he answer why nothing was done to address the Ambassador's security concerns in Libya? Two attacks on the compound in the previous 6 months, the British had pulled their Ambassador, Al Queda flying their flag on government buildings, 9-11-2012 rolls around which is 11 years after the original attacks on 9-11 and the existing security is reduced? The voters have a right to know all the facts and judge if this President is fit to be our Commander in Chief.

3)Why hasn't the president told us where he was at the time of the attacks.

If this is allowed to fester I fear there will be great harm done to our troops morale which is highly dangerous to our own existence as they make it possible for the rest of us to live in peace.

If any of you have the opportunity I urge you to hear Charlie Woods own words and discover for yourselves the great sacrifice made by his son whom saved over 30 lives and should be awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor Posthumously.

If a competent President had been in command, heck even an idiot like me I would have immediately sent whatever we had available, and not just a drone with a camera. The CIA annex has laser sighting equipment and Ty thought a strike was coming to take out the mortars that were homing in on his position.

This man risked his career and his life to try and save lives. He trained as a paramedic for 2 years so that his specialty was that of an EMT tech in his seal unit, this man represents everything that is great about America.

If he was possilby left to die out there for political reasons we need to know now! The evidence is pretty damning that has been released to date.

The president claimed this would be the most transparent administration ever. Where is he?!?

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