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Originally Posted by Efthreeoh View Post
The amount of hate on this Forum is amazing. I've read hundreds of articles on Corvettes since the mid seventies, I've never read the Corvette is adverse handling and more apt to crashing than any other sports car. I'd say I've read many times that the 911 is notorious for rapid oversteer (until the advent of stability control and addeded to the chassis).

I couldn't find any souce for your claim, but maybe it's the "most wrecked sports car in the nation" because it's the most popular one too?

So the new Vette, which won't be for sale until late 2013, is already poo-poo'd in the world of BMW fanboyz because one gets crashed by a GM test driver. I'd love to see what production BMW 2-seat sports car that can keep up with a Corvette.

Don't be so angry. I like Corvettes and have owned them and raced them. My knowledge comes from personal experience. I am sorry reading magazines has not informed you about this flaw. The Modern Corvettes have very advanced traction control systems to help this. But I just thought it was funny because it's brand new and already crashed. if GM would have made the new Vette Mid engine and use a small forced induction motor I would buy another one.

Also the Ford Mustang is the most popular by far not the Vette.

That 2 seater comment is silly. Let's see GM come out with a AWD car that can keep up with a GTR. Let's see GM build a car that doesnt feel cheap inside.

I am no BMW fanboy and was no comparing the too.