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Originally Posted by dj128 View Post
My car has finally arrived, picking it up tomorrow. That was kinda fast, ordered on 5/1/09, arrived on 5/31/09. I was ready to sign the papers when they started asking if I wanted to purchase all this extra insurance? What are you thoughts? Yes or no on the following?

(1) Gap insurance? - something about in case I total the car...
(2) Simonize coating? - extra protective coating, apparently never have to wax the car...
(3) Wheel/Tire protection? - self explanatory...
(4) Extended service? apparently this cost goes up with every mile you add on to the car...
(5) Extended maintenance? can buy at any time...
1. Yes if you are leasing the car. This will protect you from your liability in case it was totaled.

2. No, it doesn't work and requires reapplication every 3 months to keep the lifetime warranty. Better off getting the car Zaino'ed twice a year.

3. Depends on whether you buy aftermarket rims / tires coz these are not covered under the dealership clause.

4. No, you can buy it within the 4 years of original warranty

5. No, you don't need it coz it only covers stuff like oil change, which is cheap.

I basically declined everything when I bought my previous 2 cars.
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