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Originally Posted by g0at23 View Post
Your old. It's like when i was in college and i saw a 50 year old man driving a ferrari. i said to my friend at the bus stop. "nice car" but i wasn't envious. Cause he's 50... He's old and irrelevant. I expect a 50 year old to be able to buy a expensive car. So who cares. I rather be young and waiting for a bus than a 50 year old man driving what ever. cause there is one thing you can't buy... It's time. Why don't you just sell your piece of crap and drive a Honda accord cause nobody cares what you drive. It's only cool if your young and driving a BMW. It's only cool when I was driving the same car as you when I was 24.
So true. Old guys driving expensive cars just sends the wrong message imo.