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Originally Posted by Alpina_B3_Lux View Post
You'll be absolutely fine and will have a blast! Of course the convertible isn't the best track tool, but for the first 60-80 laps (which you won't be able to do anyway on that week-end) you'll drive far, far below the limits of your car anyway (or else the possibility that you crash it will be quite high...), so that shouldn't be a problem at all.

I can only recommend you to do that, it'll be loads of fun and the company is always excellent. I just hope Tone organises something this year - I'll be going on two trackdays most likely, 18 June and 20 August. Also, there's one Friday in May - 11th to be precise - where the 'Ring is open the whole day for the public ("Touristenfahrten"). Unique opportunity, I can only urge anyone to organise a week-end 'Ring trip then. A German forum has already planned a 1M meeting, so there should be loads of BMW enthusiast there.

Hmmm, at least for my car there were linear and stock (aka aggressive) throttle maps for any specific stage 2 map. I'm using the stage 2+FMIC sports map with stock throttle right now and it feels quite fast - although with snow outside (again) I can't really try it out anyhow.

It really does sound fun so I'll definitely consider it, I'll keep my eyes peeled for a thread on here. It would be great to attend any 'meets' that go on here anyway so I can meet a few of you helpful people .

Sorry Alpina, I meant the Stage 2 (non +FMIC) map, the one with just DP's required. I didn't see an aggressive option here unless I skimmed past it but the +FMIC maps all had aggressive options fors sure.

Originally Posted by Yoro35i View Post
My short review

Linear aggressive = not to sure if the map was on

Aggressive map = first tried when i had the chance was from 20mph to 50mph..i thought to myself during the acceleration ''WooooahhhHHHHHHHHH!!!!! " and then once i release my pedal..i shouted ''FoUK ME!!!'' .... upon completing my journey to london i felt car sick!

It is that awesome!! then on my way home down the M3..the beast keeps wanted me to press the pedal more..driving at 110(Km) it seems it is not even awake!!

Anyway Credits to 335ilondon for all his hardwork!! Many thanks!!
Glad you're having fun! I tried to describe it in my review but the car seems to have 3 modes, normal driving, smooth and fast on part throttle and then warp speed on full throttle, sounds like your found warp speed lol. I quite like it that way, for the street at least and is really really fun.