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Originally Posted by sterz85 View Post
Does ESS even post on this board? Nothing towards the OP but I'm taking this thread as wasted bandwidth unless we hear something officially from ESS.
Well, first of all, the OP is the guy who posted right above you that seemingly agrees that this thread is pointless now, I don't know...

Secondly, I didn't start the list, but I think there is definitely a value to it, but I'm thinking along different lines than everyone else is here I think.. Now I said the list was for COMMITTED buyers because I'm looking to form a group buy. I did not mention deposits or anything like that, but I want serious buys, not anybody who "wants" one. Which ties into my next point:

I've spoken to ESS a number of times and posted a couple quotes from the conversation, so whoever said this thread means nothing unless they post here is ridiculous, you obviously haven't read my posts. Does Turner Motorsport post on every forum? How about Steve Dinan or his crew? Especially if they're developing something this involved. This is typically where builders are the most silent. Anyway, ESS started out by selling 30 supercharger kits IN A YEAR so all you guys that think we need 30 kits just for them to design one don't have a clue as to what you're talking about. They said they're strongly considering it and are about 75% certain at this point. I don't know about you, but that sounds promising. Is it a sure thing, not even close.

But since they've shared some info with me, I've been thinking about putting a group buy together with 10-15 guys. That's why I wanted SERIOUS buyers. Are we close, again, not yet. But if I can get a foundation of plans from ESS, we could put in a small deposit dependent on a provided plan and certain guarantees. At this point we don't even know if they're planning a twin-screw or centrifugal unit. For those that think we can't get a twin-screw for less money, they should take a look at the twin-screw kits from ESS for the e46 that are $5k flat.

Anyway, the remainder of my posts will be like those that preceded this one, and will only contain info directly from ESS.

Lets keep our fingers crossed, I'll take all the help I can get.
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