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Originally Posted by Evil///M View Post
That's fine. There are people running E30 maps completely stock.
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Really?! Could you link me to a thread please. I've searched everywhere!
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You haven't seen Shiv's E85 thread??

And here's a guy who's also using stock IC
Guys, I would honestly hold off on running the e30 maps on an otherwise stock car.

18psi-13psi is a pretty hefty boost curve coupled with an aggressive timing map, there is going to be A LOT of back pressure(and in turn excessive EGTs) in the system. You'll see Shiv argue over and over that e85 negates that effect, I'm not going to argue that e85 will have a positive effect on back pressure and EGTs. HOWEVER at the same time in ALL his testing of stock, FBO and single turbos he has yet go install a single EGT probe in the manifolds to demonstrate how much of an effect it actually has(not sure why, honestly.)