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BSW or Logic 7 for 2011 with HiFi

Just got my 2011 328i with HiFi sound and not very impressed. I am not looking for a top end system, but something that is balanced and relatively clear. At higher volume it just hurts my ears.

I am considering BSW stage 1, but my car has no rear tweeters, so seems kinda useless to get a component system for the back and use only the midrange.

I was also considering getting just the BSW component set for the front, but it say that an upgraded amp is required and I am not looking to spend that much money right now.

Another option is to pick up a set of Logic 7 front components and JL XD600/6 amp, but I am not sure if there is a crossover involved or do they just drop right in.

Or another option is to keep the current speakers for now and just upgrade the amp. But I am not sure if this will clear up the sound at all.