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Originally Posted by ragingclue View Post

Who brought up his middle name here? Who brought up his racial heritage?
To answer your questions,

1) The OP, right in the picture.

2) alms211, in post 9.

Now maybe you can be so kind as to answer my question.

What is the added value of bringing up Obama's racial heritage in a Perry vs. Obama thread comparing two Presidential candidates? How does bringing up Obama's mixed racial background further this comparison between these Presidential candidates?

Same question with using Obama's middle name. What added value does using his middle name of traditional Muslim origin add to the comparison between these two Presidential candidates? Obama himself doesn't commonly use his middle name (unlike Rick Parry), so how does using Obama's traditional Muslim origin middle name further this comparison between these Presidential candidates?

What is the added value to the comparison of these two Presidential candidates of using

Originally Posted by E90SoFlo View Post
a picture of people at work, a white guy next to a cool jet, and a black man just getting out of the crops. No racism there.
When I posted a picture of actually what Obama was doing at age 22, NOT working the crops?