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Originally Posted by 7son View Post
Looks like a Honda with red rims...
I've been waiting for you to come here btw there orange
Originally Posted by JS-NA.E92 View Post
I don't get it, it's just a clean looking car that's lowered with rims and nice cosmetic touches to it :P

Keep it up! your close to making me trade my car in for an E90.
Just do it. Thanks btw
Originally Posted by Cal1 Beem1n View Post
Car is looking sexy man
thanks dude
Originally Posted by S3RI35 View Post
+1 - that's not truthing, it's hating.

nice stuff OP, but I still prefer to drive without worrying about my car's underside.
Correct. And I don't worry about my underside at all
Originally Posted by Amans_e90 View Post
shit looks sick as hell bro but i think it would look better with the mesh infront of the intercooler just sayin
Thanks bro. The middle honey comb is going back on this week was curious to see how it would look
Originally Posted by P1et View Post
Very nice! Even the red rims don't bother me. Two things: don't like the way the intercooler looks and that off-centered license plate would bother me to no end. Probably the OCD in me...
Thanks dude. The rims are orange the middle honey comb is going back and on and the plate looks horrible in the middle, Ruins the whole look of the bumper so the side plate is the only alternative. Damn law