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Originally Posted by anielsen71 View Post
Hehehe yea small world!!
I only know them after doing a search on the net to find companies tuning the 330d.
And I stumpled over them and had a chat with Rolf.
Then I decided to order the IC and got it up here. Fitted by my local shop and got it remapped by a danish specialist.
And now the car just pulls like a real beast!!!! It wasn't slow before, but now it just pulls and pulls!!!
I haven't got mine dynoed after this but before it was dynoed to 265/602. And it's certainly got more power now..... :-)
Okay, that's pretty cool! He is also the local supplier of G-Power super-chargers and those sorts of things. But that 330d that he modified was really impressive from the point of view that it was really good without detracting from the car's refined nature. So the exhaust and engine note was still decently quiet and the engine's performance was smooth and consistent rather than peaky etc. And perfectly suited to the automatic gearbox, so no software changes needed for the gearbox to work properly with the engine.
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