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Current employment could have been around 7% except a lot of government employees got canned in the last 2 years

(St. Louis Federal Reserve) (govt jobs increased under Bush vs decrease under Obama)

Since Obama started his term in a mini depression environment and high debt base number, percentage increase in debt under Obama is 41% vs 89% for Bush. Reagan increased national debt by 188%.

Overall Stock market
Bush = -3.5% Annualized Returns / -43% (S&P 500 Total Returns - google finance)
Obama = + 20.6% Annualized Returns / +66% (S&P 500 Total Returns)

Not to mention under Bush, the +$1.0 trillion cost of Iraq war and 4000 US troops dead along with +100,000 Iraqi civilians.
And thanks to this invasion, now Iraqi's are helping Iranians skirt the sanctions.