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Ah, well you guys seem to know more about the OP then me then, my bad as I don't pay much attention anymore.

But on the topic at hand the guibo uses self locking nuts that are supposed to be replaced when removed, even so, 90% of the time they are not replaced, nor is it an issue unless you take them on and off over and over again. Like a lot (but not all) of the replace when removed components they are simply replaced because they would need to be if removed and reinstalled many times and there's no realistic way to keep track so they are just called to be replaced every time.

Anyway, the torque for those suckers is something like 120nm and whoever did it probably did not torque them down enough or possibly replaced a/the nuts with a different nut, or stripped/cross threaded one without realizing and the list goes on.

One thing is for certain though, someone Fed up and it's not something that would have happened otherwise. (and that someone includes you for driving, much more so racing, with such an obvious problem)