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In case anyone cares, I installed an EverStart Maxx-H6 from Walmart. $98 battery made by Johnson Controls. The amp hours is not a stated specification but I called the 800 number on the battery (before I bought it)and they told me it was a 72AH battery. It took 2 calls to get the info. The first call I was totally stone walled saying it was proprietary info and Walmart would not let them release it. The second call was a much nicer girl who asked the engineering department for me.

I put the battery in myself and then took it to a reputable indy shop for proper registration. They charged $35 to register it. I did however need a new IBS. I'm not sure if it was bad before or if I damaged it putting the battery in. My battery was over 6 years old and the car wouldn't start unless I unhooked the IBS which led me to get a new battery first.