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Originally Posted by beemerbird View Post
Glad you had a great time Peter. Looks really good fun.

Suppose you learn alot about car control on those sort of track days as well as thrashing the arse off a car other than your own. Excellent.
Helen, yes you definetly learn a lot about car control on a track day. Brands indy circuit is good because it's easy to learn as it's a short track but also because there a few tight corners and many undulations you get the opportunity to play a bit to feel how a car handles for example, when you say boot it mid corner into understeer or come in far to fast and brake whilst cornering. This car knowledge would stand you in good stead for any emergency situation which may occur on the road.

You can drive a car at 10/10s on the track with the safety of knowing you will run wide off the racing line and no big deal. On the road you will never or very rarely get there and hence do not know what your car can really do. Even though most of the cars were front wheel drive they were all good fun to drive.

If you can get on a track day you will love it - especially in the Cayman it would be a perfect track car.
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