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You look like one of the lucky ones that has plenty of room to go in the fuel system. I am FBO and I can't run more than 30% tank of e85 without maxed fuel trims... and that is with a modified "higher value" OL Fuel table. I can't run higher than Stage 1 map

For Stage 3 50/50 maps, you are looking solid. I'd go with enrita's recommendation and start raising your Start Boost by 5%, continue to log and watch your ign advance for large drops, Once you see those, you've reached a pretty good point and should back off the boost a touch, I know he said 5% back, but you can start creeping back 2% at a time. I like to get every bit out of it

Shiv once told me that once the logs look good, Log and look at "Debug Byte 4" to see how far you can go with the boost. Unfortunately, I don't know how to interpret Debug Byte 4... maybe someone can chime in.
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