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Originally Posted by OECMG View Post
I read the single turbo automatic only ran 11.5s?? I think for a race car setup with 700hp it should be running low 10s or 9s with that much power to be respectable. Running high 10s would be OK if it were full weight 100% OEM with just more power and maybe drag radials on OEM rims. Like a sleeper car.

We have to look at more than just the horsepower because what makes BMWs so cool is how nice and clean they are. If you are running big goofy drag slicks, mismatched rims, a removed interior, loud exhaust, and too many other parts its much less impressive than something closer to OEM running high 10s or even low 11s.
He is talking about stock twin turbo cars. Single turbo ATs are different since the transmission shifts at relatively low RPM. The high end RPMs where the power is with single cannot be fully utilized. Also, single turbo ATs need to be tuned down to lower torque for the longevity of the transmission.