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he has a disclaimer on his site claiming: " I offer no warrantees of any kind, except that there are many deliberate gaffes, practical jokes and downright foolish and made-up things lurking. While this site is mostly accurate, it is neither legally binding nor guaranteed. The only thing I do guarantee is that there is plenty of stuff I simply make up out of thin air, as does The Onion."

he's a photography troll who got in early with the google hits. he just makes shit up and talks about things that he can link to retail stores to pull in revenue. he's just a marketing guy that liked cameras. other than technical facts about products, his opinions are just garbage.
he's lucky enough to write garbage in a way to mislead amateurs and newbie photographers. it's actually "a goof" site as he calls it, and other than being funny to people who know better, it's really annoying.
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