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tuned n dropped 335xi

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Here is my plan for my new-to-me 335xi, and a few questions so I buy the right stuff...

Wash, then clay, then...

Menzerna IP and cutting pad for swirl marks.
Klasse AIO and a polishing pad
Klasse SG applied by MF? or can we use the PC on this too?

When applying wax over the Klasse, if i want to use the PC to apply this wax, whats the best type to buy? Most recomended waxes seem to be applied with the applicator, not a PC. Should I stick with these types, can i get a deep high gloss liquid wax for application with the PC. I wax so much, i would prefer to use the pc to speed things up.

*edit* I see Zaino is now recomended over Klasse but I used this last year and I enjoyed the results. Is there a good reason I should toss the Klasse and pick up Zaino? I was just thinking I would use up what I have left, then move on to try the Zaino in the winter or next spring.
Lastly, there are all these "black diamond" type waxes that are "perfect" for black cars. How much truth is in that? is there a type of wax I would prefer, having a black car?