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Step 16

You may need to unclip some of the wires for extra room for the brake rotor to swing down. Do this now.

OK. Remember stepping on the brake rotor to make it swing down a little bit? Do the same now, but keep your hands on the strut/shock, and swing it out from under the fender. Make sure you don't scratch the fender, which would be easy to do.

Keep an eye on the hoses/wires, and prop the jack under the brake rotor to keep it from putting too much strain on things.

Step 17

Remove the plastic hat on top of the strut, that you can now get access to. Then, using a 19mm socket, loosen the nut that is underneath the plastic cap. Even though you compressed the spring all the way in step 15, you may get a tiny bit of pressure on the strut hat that gets released when teh nut comes loose. Take note of this! Mine just slightly jumped, only on one side, an nothing went flying, but if you did not completely tighten the 3 coils on each side in step 15, you could have more pressure being released.

Remove the hat, swivel, and washer. You can now also remove the front spring! Make sure you don't rip the boot on the shock doing this though. Just ease the spring by the boot and you'll be ok.
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